Can Art

Can Art has taken significant steps in ensuring that we promote an environmentally responsible culture throughout our manufacturing processes. We are continuously increasing the throughput of LEED compliant secondary billet utilized in our operations. In 2011, Can Art produced over 17 million lbs of product derived from secondary billet. With nearly 100% recovery of our main input there are only two items that our purchased aluminum billet can be converted into - finished product, and scrap to be recycled. Our closed loop system gives us the ability to recapture nearly all of the scrap metal we generate - from stretcher scrap to saw chips nothing is wasted.

Can Art's new anodizing facility was designed and built to reduce environmental impact. With the addition of acid etch finishing, Can Art's anodizing facility can produce 90% less solid landfill waste when compared to conventional caustic etch methods. Energy consumption is also drastically reduced with acid etch, by cutting etching process time by 50%. Perhaps the most positive attribute of the acid etch process comes with its ability to effectively hide surface defects on secondary billet. This allows Can Art's customers to increasingly utilize recycled billet without compromising appearance. High efficiency hot water boilers, as well as a high capacity waste water treatment system allow Can Art's anodizing facility to operate with a minimal environmental footprint.