Maximum Part Dimensions

  Clear Anodize Coloured Anodize
Length: 30’6” 29’
Width: 32” 9"
Depth: 65” 65"

In order to better service our customers and continue growing our product offerings, Can Art has designed and built a state of the art anodizing facility featuring acid etch pre-treatment. Can Art's anodizing line provides an uncompromised level of quality, efficiency, and service, with focus on environmental responsibility. Our 34' tanks allow us to accommodate longer length products than our competition, and the 7' depth of the tanks facilitates the penetration of new markets, such as larger aluminum sheet.

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With the introduction of long length acid etch capabilities, Can Art's anodizing line will provide an unparalleled finish by eliminating surface defects more effectively than traditional alkaline etch. In eliminating these surface issues more effectively, Can Art's anodizing allows us to process LEED compliant extrusions without compromising the quality of the finish in a growing 'Green Market'. Acid etch also removes as little as one tenth the aluminum when compared to alkaline etch, drastically reducing the amount of landfill waste produced.

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The addition of cold sealing provides the most alkaline and acid resistant sealing technique in the industry. For the architectural and automotive markets, this translates to the most resistant seal to salts, acids, and damaging cleaning products when compared to traditional hot sealing techniques. Our anodizing facility is fully automated so that all orders are "recipe controlled". Once an order is entered, all relevant parameters (time in tanks, temperatures, movement from tank to tank) are predetermined. Our PLC integrated cranes completely process the work from start to finish. For the customer, this translates into a consistent, quality finish that is completely repeatable for each and every project we take on.

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Our wide range of anodic coating thicknesses and two stage electrolytic colouring comply with AAMA 611 standards.